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Energy Surge Radio is an independent underground internet radio station. Bringing you the best in underground dance music from the best DJs and producers.


Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Jungle, Breaks, Dubstep

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Dylan Bassline AKA DJ Dylan James (Energy Surge)

My prefered styles are D&B, Neuro, Jungle, Breaks and Techno. Started mixing at aged 16 and I grew up in and around the free party scene. First played at venues in Carmarthen: Riviera, Jolly Tar, Metro's. I've played at a few clubs such as The Kitchen (Dublin), Club 414 Brixton (London) and Sin City (Swansea) to name some places further afield. I first started mixing Happy Hardcore and Bouncy Techno way back in 1994 and quickly moved on to Hard Trance, Techno / Acid Techno. Started getting involved with event promotions in 1998 and setup a mail order record company (Dance Active Records). For various reasons such as relationship breakdowns and other things I wrapped up my business and left the scene behind for a few years. In 2006 and I got back in to mixing seriously and played at any clubs or parties I could possibly grab a set at. Playing styles from Acid Techno to Breaks and Drum and Bass, at local events in Carmarthen for Fat Lace, Syzrgy, and Monkey fist (lol) does anyone remember them? In late 2007 I started running Energy Surge (a monthly event) @ our beloved little venue The Jolly Tar. I went on to run this night until the venue was sold in mid-2008. In the short time I was doing events back then Energy Surge earned a reputation for putting on quality nights, with phat music, great vibe, amazing lighting and decor and the best DJs in the area. Shouts go out to Jake Radar (FAT LACE), Lil Stef now known as Synapse (SESH ON) and Matt Maunder aka DJ Distant who were my residents back then. It was a quality bunch of DJs! In late 2016 I come up with the idea of setting up an internet radio station and now I would like to welcome you to Energy Surge Radio.


Cmoa has played in many clubs and parties around Swansea, Haverfordwest and Bristol from 1998 to 2008, generally booked for dark drum&bass or clean techno. Her sets are influenced by a lifelong passion for music of all genres, creating sets with varied textures appealing to many different dance music lovers. She also promoted nights in her area with other DJs. Leaving the club/party scene, she was able to explore a broader spectrum of dance music in her two hour week-end radio sets on Afan Fm for the next two years. She took time off, wrote some acoustic songs and has been back playing at parties and local festivals since 2015. https://soundcloud.com/dj-cmoa

Gem1n1 Tw1nz

The Gem1n1 Tw1nz were early starters on the music scene, they hit the party scene at age 16, playing as a duo orginally, having a great passion for party breaks. They earned respect through playing free parties and grabbing any sets that they could. As they grew in popularity they switched genres to Drum & Bass, and took it to the next level with their own breed of Jump Up Style DnB.

The Gem1n1 Tw1nz have played stricly B2B ever since first rinsing it with some of the biggest names on the DnB scene at events such as: Beach Break Live in 2010 & 2011, Supported SUBFOCUS & MC ID at the RARE ONE presents Rarehouse in 2011, Supported Andy C at the Rare One presents LOVESGROVE 2012. The Gem1n1 Tw1nz have played in Bristol on numerous occasions, playing in underground venues such as the Black Swan, Lakota and many free partys and warehouse raves. They promote their own night called DOUBLE VISION, you can find them on facebook: double vision collective. You can find them on soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/gem1n1-tw1nz

Sesh On

The two founding members of Sesh On Productions are Sub-Conscious (Toby), and SelectriX (Geraint). Both hailing from Carmarthen town they grew up together, and in their teens found a collaborative musical interest in Drum&Bass.

Taking inspiration from local DJs of the Fat Lace crew, they helped develop and diversify South Waless musical scene in a big way which paved the way for Sesh On to be born and to raise the next generation of DJs. Mainly focussed on a Drum&Bass headlined collective, Sesh On Productions has hosted a huge array of acts such as Spor, Chris Renegade, Calyx, Teebee, Benny Page, Nu:Tone, Chase and Status, State of Mind, as well as more diverse acts such as Far Too Loud, Stereo:Type, and Jungle Drummer vs DJ Fu. As well as having a loyal following for their residents nights, they have brought some of the biggest names of the genre to South West Wales.

Both resident DJs have an eclectic taste in D&B, so you can never be sure what to expect - liquid rollers, to jungle vibes, to dancefloor smashers, and still lovers of playing vinyl as well as from an enormous digital library. They regularly showcase different local DJs in their residents’ nights in an effort to promote talent outside of‘ Residential DJs. Be prepared for a blend of Hip-Hop, Breakbeat, House, Dubstep, Disco, and Drum&Bass. In a recent addition, local boy Stef and now part of the family is resident DJ and producer, Synapse. Look out for all three of us individually and collaboratively on Energy Surge Radio.